Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Gothy Blog Challenge Day 14: Goths I Would Love to Meet

Hey, ya'll!

There are a few goths I would be head over heels (& six feet under, hee hee!) to meet!
Here are a few of 'em, & why I'd be too-excited for words when I did. C:

Photo found via Google images.
Kaz Loves Bats, from Youtube
I'm very personality driven on whether I like a person or not,
& Kaz aka Allison is a sweetheart with a great presence & sense of spirit
- I would really recommend checking out her channel, linked above!

Photo found via Google images.
Amy @ what was formerly 
She always had an enormously huge collection & amount of information about Goth 
subcultures, and was incredibly relatable & friendly to all.
However, she had what seems to be a change of heart regarding Goth a few years back & has since dropped off the grid blogosphere-wise.
She did leave us her entire archives, which still portray her as she was then, with very fun articles, to boot! 
: ) 

Photo found via Google images.
She's super silly, a 40 year-old model (she's been modeling her entire life - that picture above is recent, not from when she was younger, she still looks like that!), with amazingly creative baby bats.
What more can you want to say about the Goth culture are you age?  This is all you need!

Kelsey E. Benedict

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Gothy Blog Challenge Day 12: Combining other fashions with Goth

Hey there, hi there, ho there, lovelies!
For all my winter buddies, how is the lovely POLAR VORTEX ( . . . of doom xD) treating you?  For everyone NOT covered in 8 feet of snow, how are ya'll?

Now then. ^^

Do I combine other fashions with 'Goth'?
That is not really my style these days.  I like black, I like skirts, I like shit-kicker boots, and I don't mix that with much else, really.
However . . .

I have in the past.

See Bubblegum Goth//Crazy (Rainbow)Bright here.
See Renaissance, Kelby Hart style here.
See Detroit Institute of Art contract, here.

Granted, most of these outfits are me, not willing to let go of my own aesthetics for events.
But they are still mixed with goth styling. C;

A style I really, really like mixed with Goth:
Punk Lolita (Punk Loli, for all those who remember how this blog started - the lolita ties!)

Credit: Google Images

Credit: Google Images

What are you're favorite fashions to combine with Goth? 
What elements do you pull from your styles around you?
Comment & let me know - I'm a curious critter! :3

Kelsey E. Benedict

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Gothy Blog Challenge Day 11: 3 Trends I Wish Would Come Back

Well, I'm the type of person to say "Trends be damned!" and wear what I want.

So instead of 3 trends I wish would come back, I'll list 3 trends I like!

#1  Plaid Skirts
I went to Catholic school for half my life.
My family literally had to trash my wool green plaid skirt from elementary school before I would give the damn thing up. ;D

Tulle is highly underrated.
I just want it for the one patch.
I'm so transparent. XD
I don't dig green normally, but this looks smashing!

#2 Motorcycle Boots
I love me some big shit-kicking boots!
My mom has this awesome pair from 15+ years ago that she gave me, and they have this huge heel, and OHMYGOSH - they're the best!

I only like 3 straps or so - not a ton.
It takes away from the aesthetic value.
Look at those details, mates!
I can imagine myself running around in these, being adorable and bratty.
Which sounds perfect. C;
#3 Fairy wings
If you weren't expecting this, you haven't been around long enough, hee hee!
These are glorious!
These are all things I dig . . . though I don't wear the wings unless I'm running around at a Ren Faire. ;D

Photo credit to Google Images today, ya'll!
What are your three most popular outfit staples?

Kelsey E. Benedict

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Gothy Blog Challenge Day 9: 5 Keywords That Describe My Goth Style

No. 1: Colorful
I've talked about my requirements for my wardrobe in this previous post from 2012.  While I love black on black, it's too boring for my personal tastes, and I really love me a black ensemble with a dash of rainbow (no, that wasn't a Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony reference - I'm lookin' at you, ol' buddy ol' pal).

My rainbow skeleton shirt?
A purchase from Plato's Closet (a thrift store in the USA).

No. 2: Fun
I dig an outfit that looks like fun and that I can have fun in (not just that type of fun, my raunchy readers) - which boils down to a skirt that I can run in/kick someone in if necessary . . . and this is what happens when you've been a martial artist for 17 years.

Ya'll can ask my life partner (LP) - he'll confirm that on several accounts I will have wanted something, but than said, "Oh, I can't fight in this," and then will put it back on the shelf! xD

Sorry she's blurry - she was taken by a friendly shop owner in
Mackinaw while she was admiring my outfit.  Read about it here.

No. 3: Perky
Some of you know me in real life while others have yet to have the pleasure (tee hee!); but for those it doesn't come across to: I'm pretty damn perky.  Happy.  Cheerful.  A go-getter.  Occasionally obnoxiously so.

And that's all part of Kelsey - it's my personality, Lovelies.  And it's a part I definitely don't mind playing out in my clothing.

This is what I wore to my first day of college, and to Auto Shop 101.
When we were rebuilding car engines, I wore fishnets, motorcycle boots, and wrist cuffs -
you gotta' go in style and with convictions, mon amies. C;

No. 4: Aggressive/Tough
When someone meets me for the first time, they often fall into one of two categories:
"God, she's nice! She'd never hurt a fly!" and "Shit, she's tough!  Fuck, I'm intimidated."

I'm not kidding.  The former doesn't believe that my personal penchant is fighting while the latter wouldn't believe it if someone from the first group were to tell them what a Sweetie I can be (with a capital S C;).

Plus, that's also been my thing, my defense, my preference - I want to be a bad/hard/tough ass, and I'm damn happy okay to look like it - I love it!

I loved this picture of me - I don't typically take "tough" photos.
I laugh too much.
It's not a flaw.

No. 5: Unafraid
Lovelies, when you go outside dressed unconventionally with the intent of pleasing yourself and not giving a damn what anyone else thinks, ya' gotta' clear your fears or you'll be a target with no limit.

I learned that early on.  Be yourself, be happy, be confident!

"I'm sorry, I can't hear your criticism over the fact that I FEEL & LOOK FUCKING AMAZING."

So, I'm back, Babes! 
I missed you all!
What have you guys been up to this summer?  Comment and talk to me, babes! ;D

Kelsey E. Benedict
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