Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hey, Four Eyes! A Firmoo Glasses Review [Sponsored]

'Lo, Lovelies!
Since I've never posted a sponsored blog post before, let me explain to you guys what goes on when I review anything from a sponsor.
  • All my opinions are honest and genuine - I will never accept a deal that asks me to lie or varnish the truth.
  • The content of the post will be a mixture of what the company has asked that I review, and what I have come across on my own - flaws, things I really like, etc.
I know some readers think that sponsored posts are just a load of shit that the author spews forth in exchange for free stuff -- and that's not the case! 
So please keep an open mind, and if you are a glasses enthusiast or blinder-than-a-bat without yours, keep on reading. 8D  
Firmoo contacted me back at the beginning of February about reviewing their glasses in exchange for a free pair - and when I checked out, it seemed way too good to be true - prescription glasses for as low as $16? Hell, that's affordable!
I'm an adventurer (who hasn't taken an arrow to the knee; for all my Skyrim-playing readers), so I jumped on the deal!
I chose the Unisex Full Frame Acetate Glasses #ZS5104 - which are sadly no longer in stock at the time of publishing.
What I Like about Firmoo:
+ Fantastically affordable prices
+ Variety of colored frames and lens shapes
+ The "try-it-on" feature - you can upload a picture of your face, or use one of the sample face shape pictures to see what the glasses would look like on - brill!

What I Don't Like about Firmoo:
- *How long the glasses took to come in.  I ordered in the beginning of February, and didn't come in until early March (Apparently the supplier went on vacation)
- The lens get dirty easily.  I'm not sure if there's a difference in the makeup of my RxOptical lens or what, but Firmoo's lens seem to attract smudges and dirt like flies.
- How quickly glasses disappear.  If you see a pair you like, buy 'em now - they don't stay around for long!
Firmoo also has these really cool deal called the First Pair Free program - the cost of the lens & glasses is free, and all you pay is the cost of shipping.  If you are a prescribtion glasses wearer, you know that deal is amazing!
Are you habitual glasses-wearer?  Would you consider buying online?
Kelsey E. Benedict


  1. I should look into them, then! Gotta find my prescription now.

    1. Do it!
      Or, if you need a new one, go to Eyemart or Wal-mart and then scamper off with a copy of the prescribtion - they have to give you one if you ask, it's law. ^^

  2. I have used Firmoo and found the same dirt attracting thing! Either that or we both wear make up that just FLIES off of our faces! Hmm.

    So far I am happy with mine, otherwise. When I buy glasses at a regular shop, it can be $400+ because I was apparently a bat in another lifetime; so I am VERY happy to find a supplier that can help with that particular baseball bat to the wallet.

    Your pair is super cute, too!!! It really flatters your face!

    1. Thank you kindly!

      I am a firm believer in Firmoo - especially for prescribtion wearers. It's extremely affordable, and as long as you have an updated prescribtion for your lens, you're golden!

      I'm wondering if the dirt thing is because I didn't choose the non-reflective lens? Otherwise, the glasses I buy have all the details and add-ons that make it unbelievably pricey . . . but I don't have the dirt issue. :P

  3. oh i think i should take a look at their stuff, too so thank you for sharing (whee, they even ship to germany!) you look great with yours!


  4. I'm gonna get my prescription tomorrow and get a pair! So glad you could share this site :D

    1. You're so welcome!
      You should definitely do a post about the frames you buy and link back so I can see which ones you bought! :D

  5. Those are too cute! Love them on you, especially with the hair :)


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