Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Gothy Blog Challenge Day 11: 3 Trends I Wish Would Come Back

Well, I'm the type of person to say "Trends be damned!" and wear what I want.

So instead of 3 trends I wish would come back, I'll list 3 trends I like!

#1  Plaid Skirts
I went to Catholic school for half my life.
My family literally had to trash my wool green plaid skirt from elementary school before I would give the damn thing up. ;D

Tulle is highly underrated.
I just want it for the one patch.
I'm so transparent. XD
I don't dig green normally, but this looks smashing!

#2 Motorcycle Boots
I love me some big shit-kicking boots!
My mom has this awesome pair from 15+ years ago that she gave me, and they have this huge heel, and OHMYGOSH - they're the best!

I only like 3 straps or so - not a ton.
It takes away from the aesthetic value.
Look at those details, mates!

#3 Fairy wings
If you weren't expecting this, you haven't been around long enough, hee hee!
These are glorious!
These are all things I dig . . . though I don't wear the wings unless I'm running around at a Ren Faire. ;D

Photo credit to Google Images today, ya'll!
What are your three most popular outfit staples?

Kelsey E. Benedict


  1. lol noooooooo! noooooo plaid skirts. i'm too old for schoolgirl plaid skirts! ah yeah i remember the fairy wings. the fairy goths. we rivetheads were the mortal enemies of the fairy goths. grrrr.

    1. Bahaha! We could never share a closet - we wouldn't have enough in common. C;

  2. I love these skirts! *w*
    Nice blog, dear!


    1. Thank you! Toughened up plaid skirts are the shiz. ;)
      And right back at you! I'm digging the Nu-goth dancing cross background. XD


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